Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fast Plants: Day 2

Nothing too exciting today! We checked them and there weren't any coming up, but you could see a couple of cracked seeds with a new rootlet snaking out, so we will get at least a few seedling! We watered them and found some books to put in the bottom of the light box as I had forgotten that they recommend having the top of the plants 5-10 cm below the light. I'm not sure if it counts if there aren't any actual plants, but it can't hurt, right?

Since checking the planters this morning, I have been monitoring the temperature and it dropped down to about 69°F shortly after we had the door open and then has been up closer to 75°F the rest of the day after I got the door flap shut properly. Ideal growing condition is 72-82°F, so I think we will be just fine if we can keep the door closed.

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