Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bottle Growing System

The second step in getting our FastPlants going was making pots to grow them in. The web resources suggest pots that can wick water from a reservoir to keep the growing medium moist at all time. Fortunately, the provide an on-the-cheap solution for this, too!

2-L soda bottles: swiped from recycling at Daddy's work
Hand Drill: from garage
Wicking Material: Dishcloth cotton yarn from stash
Planting Medium and Fertilizer: $4.19 (plus tax) with plenty left-over for gardening
Water: from the tap

Total Price (for containers and a bunch of extra potting mix): $4.19 plus tax


The only other thing we needed to get started was the seeds:

FastPlant seeds: $10.75 (for 50 seeds) + $6.95 (s/h, highway robbery if you ask me! The seeds would fit in a first class envelope. Harumph.) + tax

Clearly, the seeds were the biggest ticket item of all, but when we are done growing our plants, the last thing we will do is harvest seeds (if all goes well), so we should be able to get lots more plants!

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