Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bean the Artist

Ms. Bean has always been our resident artist, but her pictures have become so much more detailed all of a sudden.  I thought I would share some of my recent favorites and what I can remember of her explanations.

This is a lion family.  The daddy lion has a mane and the mommy lion doesn't.  The baby lion is standing on his back legs like a person.  They are all surrounded by hearts and flowers, cuz Bean is that kind of gal!

Top left:  Ms. Bean petting Kitty Chai after a mousie ran through its hole in the wall.

Top Right:  A pond full of fish.  No mommy, it is absolutely not a fish bowl because these fish are too big for a bowl!

Lower Left:  A tree with birds.  I kind of love the nest that one is sitting in!

Lower Right:  Horses, Bean's latest passion.  She's riding the one in front, but it is so far away that you can't see her hair.  Beeb is riding the other horse and doing some kind of weird leaning thing.

The kids camping.  Bean and Beeb are cooking over the campfire and Bug is in the tent on the left, which is Bean's tent.  Beeb's tent is the little one on the left.

This is Bean swinging on a tree swing in the rain forest.  You can tell it's the rain forest because of all the Quetzel birds...note green plumage, yellow beaks, and pink markings on the chest.  Some images from a google search here if you don't believe her.  I mean seriously, would Bean mislead us?

A lion and a giraffe in a rain storm.

An especially sweet little lion on the corner of a bigger picture.  Can you resist that face???

A regular horse imagining a carrot and two Bionicle horses imagining chili peppers.  Why?  I haven't a clue.

Two horses and (I think) a cat.  How cute are the saddles and stirrups?

A horsey Halloween.  The person is dressed up as a bat.  Look at the jack'o'lantern treat bag!  And the fish in the fish bowl!  Too cute!

Jack'o'lantern monster.  How cute is that face?  And the vines coming out of his head.

Horses in space.  And in spaceships.  I especially love the little icon in the upper left corner.  It's a trash can with a "no" circle and line.  Daddy has been known to throw drawing in the trash or recycling with little regard for artistic merit, so Bean left a "No trash" reminder for him!