Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few favorite books

While we bring stacks and stacks of new books home from the library every week, there are a few that have caught our eye lately.

Daddy brought home one of the PBS videos from the Building Big series a while back and we ended up putting holds on the other four videos as well. Bug and Bean tended to wander in and out during the videos, but Bug was very interested when I brought the companion book home from the library. We have been reading a little here and a little there about big structures. Especially appealing for a civil engineering type mama!

Around the time of the election, we were looking for some books on government and electoral process and whatnot and I found this book on an unschooling blog (I can't remember whose). It is a collection of essays about the White House and its occupants throughout history. Even I am enjoying it, with my weak and unhappy past relationship with formal history. I am finally learning about and mostly enjoying history, in spite of my history teachers' best intentions! ;o)

Finally, Bug is still fascinated with the human body (as well as bats, bugs, bionicles, mythology, and dozens of other topics that come and go!), so this has been a fun book. The level is a bit over his head, but he still enjoys it and I figure it can't hurt to get acquainted with biology terminology. Heck some of it is over my head, but it's still pretty interesting.