Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great American (Bionicle) Novel

Here is Bug's recently penned novel:
Kopaka Toa of Ice
Kopaka siad but the wind grabbed Kopaka. But Kopaka siad i m the toa of ice

Gali Toa of Water
Gali was sit-ing on a rock then gali heard a wave then gali ben cott bie a wave but gali saw that she wath in a big wave

Tokanewva (Takanuva, Toa of Light)
Tokanewva was siting on a rock Tokanewva got cott

U well fide six toa spehrit stars n tokanewva's (You will find six Toa spirit stars and Takanuva's)

Toa Pohatu
Pohatu cott a fish befor pohatu can eat the fish pohatu hrid (heard) a rock fall

Toa Onua
Onua was diging then BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! Woh!! siad onua. run siad onua BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Woh!!! siad onua

Toa Lewa
Lewa jumpt in the skie then the grand (ground) jumpt and BOOM !!!!!!!!

Toa Tahu
Tahu jumpt takoowa was skared

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