Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fast Plants: Day 15

Today was the first day of pollination. We have been reading about flowers and bees and pollination and discovered that the scout bees go looking for nectar and pollen and then come back to the hive, where they do a dance to tell the other bees where the flowers are. With the proper mood music in place, we did a rather rowdy and enthusiastic bee dance. Beeb even got in on the action with Mama's bee. Then we "flew" downstairs and pulled out our plants and started pollinating.


We will be pollinating for the next couple of days. When our bees aren't busy pollinating, they hang out in their honeycomb condo. Amazing what you can do with three blank index cards and a little glue stick, eh?


My bee is not pictured as she is temporarily indisposed behind the barrister bookcase. And our obligatory side view. The tallest ones are over 8" tall!


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Namma said...

Actually, it's amazing what YOU can do with three blank index cards and a glue stick ;o) Did you name your all-purpose bees? (They have to act as scouts, pollinaters, and the whole nine yards.) I heard that the bee in the "Buzz Buzz" song was named Oscar...