Thursday, January 10, 2008

We <3 Pixar!

Since we are watching The Incredibles for the ten zillionth time since Christmas, I thought this would be timely. We really like Pixar movies. And, unlike some kid flix, "we" actually includes me. We actually own four of them: The Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille. We have watched Cars so many times that I think I have it memorized, and, oddly enough, I still don't mind watching it again. May I confess? I am madly in love with Guido. Peet stop? And the soundtrack is very cool, too!

I think what I like best about the Pixar movies is that they are fun and engaging and the kids love them, but they are also clever and sophisticated enough to keep adults engaged. Granted, not that watching movies over and over is the most incredible intellectual stimulation, but when we "watch" movies, the volume is usual pretty low and Bug and Bean just keep playing (they are both building lego creations right now). I am trying to reduce the amount of time the boob tube is on, but I object less to TV as background noise than I would if they were sitting slack-jawed on the sofa.

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Karen Aune Arts said...

Ah, I can totally relate! I extend my love to Luigi ("Punch me in the face, Guido!"). If I could only easily switch the 'background noise' from Pixar to music since they aren't fully focused on it anyway.